No Access Published Online: 11 July 2011
AIP Conference Proceedings 1349, 1165 (2011);
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  • aDepartment of Physics, D.M.S. College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Assagao, Goa, 403507, India
  • bDepartment of Physics, Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Goa, 403206, India
  • cDepartment of Physics, Govt. College Khandola, Goa, India
  • dDepartment of Chemistry, S.P.C. College of Arts and Science, Margao, Goa, India
  • eDepartment of Chemistry, Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Goa, 403206, India
  • fSolid State Physics Division, Mumbai, 400085, India
  • gPhysics Group, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, 400085, India
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  • M. M. Kothawale
  • R. B. Tangsali
  • Jaison Joseph
  • G. K. Naik
  • J. S. Budkuley
  • Sher Singh Meena
  • S. M. Yusuf
  • J. V. Yakhmi
Nanoparticles of Ni0.45Zn0.55Fe2O4 were chemically synthesized by novel precursor method at low temperature. Average particles size was found to be 37 nm. The Mössbauer spectroscopy studies were carried out on the sample for the investigation of magnetic and structural arrangement of Fe in the nano‐crystalline ferrite samples. The values of isomer shift are consistent with Fe ions in trivalent state. The low values of the quadrupole splitting identifies that the local symmetry of the magnetic phase of A—sites is close to cubic while that of B—site is close to trigonal. The broad collapsing sextet B1 can be correlated to the presence of relaxation effect in the sample.
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