No Access Published Online: 22 July 2010
AIP Conference Proceedings 1248, 585 (2010);
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  • aAstronomical Institute, AS CR, 25165 Ondřejov, Czech Republic
  • bCzech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Republic
  • cCzech Technical Universiry in Prague, Faculty of Nuclear Science, Prague, Czech Republic
  • dRigaku Innovative Technologies Europe, Prague, Czech Republic
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  • R. Hudec
  • L. Pina
  • V. Marsikova
  • A. Inneman
We report on technical and astrophysical aspects of Lobster‐Eye wide‐field X‐ray telescopes expected to monitor the sky with high sensitivity and angular resolution of order of 1 arcmin. They will contribute essentially to study of various astrophysical objects such as AGN, SNe, Gamma‐ray bursts (GRBs), X‐ray flashes (XRFs), galactic binary sources, stars, CVs, X‐ray novae, various transient sources, etc.
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