No Access Published Online: 28 November 2006
AIP Conference Proceedings 870, 699 (2006);
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  • *Department of Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708‐0305
  • Department of Physics, Nagoya University, Furo‐cho, Chikusa‐ku, Nagoya 464‐8602, Japan
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  • Steffen A. Bass
  • Chiho Nonaka
We present the results of a novel macroscopic/microscopic hybrid model, using a fully 3D non‐boostinvariant hydrodynamic calculation for the deconfined phase coupled with with a non‐equilibrium microscopic transport model (UrQMD) for the hadronic phase at RHIC. Advantages of this novel approach compared to pure hydrodynamics include the treatment of viscous effects in the hadronic phase as well as a fully self‐consistent calculation of the hadronic freeze‐out.
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