No Access Published Online: 11 September 2006
AIP Conference Proceedings 842, 874 (2006);
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  • *California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125
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  • Nicole F. Bell
  • V. Cirigliano
  • M. J. Ramsey‐Musolf
  • P. Vogel
  • Mark B. Wise
The existence of a neutrino magnetic moment implies contributions to the neutrino mass via radiative corrections. We derive model‐independent “naturalness” upper bounds on the magnetic moments of Dirac neutrinos, generated by physics above the electroweak scale. The neutrino mass receives a contribution from higher order operators, which are renormalized by operators responsible for the neutrino magnetic moment. This contribution can be calculated in a model independent way. In the absence of fine‐tuning, we find that current neutrino mass limits imply that μv < 10−14 Bohr magnetons. This bound is several orders of magnitude stronger than those obtained from solar and reactor neutrino data and astrophysical observations.
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