No Access Submitted: 25 May 2021 Accepted: 14 August 2021 Published Online: 27 August 2021
Journal of Applied Physics 130, 085705 (2021);
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  • D. Dyer
  • S. A. Church
  • M. Jain
  • M. J. Kappers
  • M. Frentrup
  • D. J. Wallis
  • R. A. Oliver
  • D. J. Binks
The effects of thermal annealing on the optical properties of Mg-doped cubic zincblende GaN epilayers grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on 3C-SiC/Si (001) substrates are investigated. The photoluminescence spectra show near band edge features and a blue luminescence band that depend on Mg concentration, temperature, and excitation power density. Annealing the sample in a N2 atmosphere causes the intensity of the blue band to increase by a factor of 5. Power dependent photoluminescence measurements show a reduction in the laser excitation density required for saturation of the blue band after annealing, indicating an increase in the recombination lifetime. Time decay measurements confirm this increase, which is attributed to a reduction in the concentration of non-radiative defects after annealing. The results presented here are compared to those reported previously for Mg-doped hexagonal wurtzite GaN.
The authors would like to acknowledge funding from the Engineering and Physics Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) for a studentship (Dyer) and for support under Grant Codes EP/R010250/1 and EP/R01146X/1. D. J. Wallis would like to acknowledge support through EPSRC fellowship No. EP/N01202X/2. The authors would also like to thank Dr. Peter Mitchell for helpful discussions on this work.
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