No Access Submitted: 21 July 2016 Accepted: 22 September 2016 Published Online: 10 October 2016
Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 153105 (2016);
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  • Xuan Wang
  • Hamidreza Rahmani
  • Jun Zhou
  • Matthew Gorfien
  • Joshua Mendez Plaskus
  • Dong Li
  • Ryan Voss
  • Cory A. Nelson
  • Kin Wai Lei
  • Abraham Wolcott
  • Xiaoyang Zhu
  • Junjie Li
  • Jianming Cao
We directly monitored the lattice dynamics in PbSe quantum dots (QD) induced by laser excitation using ultrafast electron diffraction. The energy relaxation between the carriers and the lattice took place within 10 ps, showing no evidence of any significant phonon bottleneck effect. Meanwhile, the lattice dilation exhibited some unusual features that could not be explained by the available mechanisms of photon-induced acoustic vibrations in semiconductors alone. The heat transport between the QDs and the substrate deviates significantly from Fourier's Law, which opens questions about the heat transfer under nonequilibrium conditions in nanoscale materials.
This work is supported by the Internal Research Program of Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation of USA (Grant No. 1207252), National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement No. DMR-1157490 and the State of Florida.
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