No Access Submitted: 06 June 2016 Accepted: 08 August 2016 Published Online: 29 August 2016
J. Chem. Phys. 145, 084702 (2016);
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Applying classical molecular dynamics simulations, we calculate the parallel self-diffusion coefficients of different fluids (methane, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide) confined between two {101̄4} calcite crystal planes. We have observed that the molecules close to the calcite surface diffuse differently in distinct directions. This anisotropic behavior of the self-diffusion coefficient is investigated for different temperatures and pore sizes. The ion arrangement in the calcite crystal and the strong interactions between the fluid particles and the calcite surface may explain the anisotropy in this transport property.
This publication was made possible by NPRP Grant No. 8-1648-2-688 from the Qatar National Research Fund (a member of Qatar Foundation). The statements made herein are solely responsibility of the authors. We thank the High Performance Computing Center of Texas A&M University at Qatar for generous resource allocation.
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