No Access Submitted: 27 January 2016 Accepted: 02 May 2016 Published Online: 16 May 2016
Physics of Plasmas 23, 052708 (2016);
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  • J. P. Chittenden
  • B. D. Appelbe
  • F. Manke
  • K. McGlinchey
  • N. P. L. Niasse
We present the results of 3D simulations of indirect drive inertial confinement fusion capsules driven by the “high-foot” radiation pulse on the National Ignition Facility. The results are post-processed using a semi-deterministic ray tracing model to generate synthetic deuterium-tritium (DT) and deuterium-deuterium (DD) neutron spectra as well as primary and down scattered neutron images. Results with low-mode asymmetries are used to estimate the magnitude of anisotropy in the neutron spectra shift, width, and shape. Comparisons of primary and down scattered images highlight the lack of alignment between the neutron sources, scatter sites, and detector plane, which limits the ability to infer the ρr of the fuel from a down scattered ratio. Further calculations use high bandwidth multi-mode perturbations to induce multiple short scale length flows in the hotspot. The results indicate that the effect of fluid velocity is to produce a DT neutron spectrum with an apparently higher temperature than that inferred from the DD spectrum and which is also higher than the temperature implied by the DT to DD yield ratio.
The authors would like to thank Dr. Johan Frenje and Dr. Maria Gatu-Johnson of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for many invaluable discussions. The results reported in this paper were obtained using the UK National Supercomputing Service ARCHER and the Imperial College High Performance Computer Cx1. This work was supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council through Grant Nos. EP/K028464/1 and EP/L000237/1 and by AWE Aldermaston.
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