No Access Submitted: 29 June 2015 Accepted: 21 September 2015 Published Online: 30 September 2015
Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 132407 (2015);
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  • J. Schwenk
  • X. Zhao
  • M. Bacani
  • M. A. Marioni
  • S. Romer
  • H. J. Hug
A single-passage, bimodal magnetic force microscopy technique optimized for scanning samples with arbitrary topography is discussed. A double phase-locked loop system is used to mechanically excite a high quality factor cantilever under vacuum conditions on its first mode and via an oscillatory tip-sample potential on its second mode. The obtained second mode oscillation amplitude is then used as a proxy for the tip-sample distance, and for the control thereof. With appropriate z-feedback parameters, two data sets reflecting the magnetic tip-sample interaction and the sample topography are simultaneously obtained.
Support from the Swiss National Science Foundation, the CCMX, and Empa is hereby gratefully acknowledged. We thank L. Piraux, S. K. Srivastava, V. A. Antohe, M. Hehn, and T. Hauet for the preparation of the sample.
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