No Access Submitted: 18 May 2012 Accepted: 30 July 2012 Published Online: 13 August 2012
Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 072101 (2012);
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  • Roman Anufriev
  • Nicolas Chauvin
  • Hammadi Khmissi
  • Khalid Naji
  • Michel Gendry
  • Catherine Bru-Chevallier
Wurtzite InP nanowires (NWs), transferred onto various substrates, were investigated by low temperature micro-photoluminescence. A clear PL emission shift, depending on the substrate, is observed and attributed to the substrate-induced strain, generated due to the difference in the thermal expansion coefficients of the InP NWs and the host-substrate during the sample cooling. Moreover, a blueshift of the PL emission peak is observed as the excitation power is increased. This effect, which is not observed on the as-grown sample, is thus a consequence of the host substrate and not an intrinsic property of the nanowires.
Authors are gratefully acknowledging facilities and technological staffs from Nanolyon platform. This work has been supported by the Agence Nationale pour la Recherche project INSCOOP (ANR-11-NANO-012).
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