No Access Submitted: 05 December 1985 Accepted: 01 May 1986 Published Online: 31 August 1998
J. Chem. Phys. 85, 1726 (1986);
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  • Institut für Physikalische and Theoretische Chemie der Technischen Universität München, Lichtenbergstrasse 4, D‐8046 Garching, West Germany
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  • K. O. Börnsen
  • H. L. Selzle
  • E. W. Schlag
Isotopically mixed jets of benzene produced the various possible isotopic benzene dimers in a supersonic jet. Mass coincidence in time‐of‐flight multiphoton mass spectra separated the spectra due to the various dimers produced into distinguishable spectra even in the presence of overlap. From the many different isotopic spectral shifts a detailed model of interaction between the two halves of the dimer can be established revealing detailed new information on this interaction. In particular a splitting in the 0–0 transition is reported for the first time indicating an exciton interaction in the dimer of isotropic identical benzene molecules in the gas phase.
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