No Access Submitted: 13 April 2010 Accepted: 10 November 2010 Published Online: 14 January 2011
Journal of Applied Physics 109, 013717 (2011);
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  • Magdalena Lidia Ciurea
  • Sorina Lazanu
  • Ionel Stavarache
  • Ana-Maria Lepadatu
  • Vladimir Iancu
  • Mihai Razvan Mitroi
  • Raoul Rashid Nigmatullin
  • Cristina Mihaela Baleanu
The trap parameters of defects in Si/CaF2 multilayered structures were determined from the analysis of optical charging spectroscopy measurements. Two kinds of maxima were observed. Some of them were rather broad, corresponding to “normal” traps, while the others, very sharp, were attributed to stress-induced traps. A procedure of optimal linear smoothing the noisy experimental data has been developed and applied. This procedure is based on finding the minimal value of the relative error with respect to the value of the smoothing window. In order to obtain a better accuracy for the description of the trapping-detrapping process, a Gaussian temperature dependence of the capture cross-sections characterizing the stress-induced traps was introduced. Both the normal and the stress-induced traps have been characterized, including some previously considered as only noise features.
The Romanian contribution to this work was supported by the Romanian National Authority for Scientific Research through the CNCSIS–UEFISCDI, under Contract No. PCCE-ID-76 and the Core Program Contract No. PN09-45. The Russian contribution was supported by the Russian Ministry of Higher Education from the grant Russian Scientific Potential of Higher Schools under Grant No. RSP-14.
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