No Access Submitted: 27 May 2010 Accepted: 07 July 2010 Published Online: 13 September 2010
Journal of Applied Physics 108, 053516 (2010);
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  • B. Brennan
  • G. Hughes
A high resolution synchrotron radiation core level photoemission study of the native oxides on In0.53Ga0.47As was carried out in order to determine the various oxidation states present on the surface. The thermal stability of the oxidation states was also investigated by annealing the samples in vacuum at temperatures ranging from 150 to 450°C. As well as the widely reported oxidation states, various arsenic, gallium, and indium oxides, along with mixed phase gallium arsenic and indium gallium oxides are identified. Elemental binary oxides have been identified as residing at the oxide substrate interface and could play an important role in understanding the growth of metal oxide dielectric layers on the InGaAs surface, due to their apparent chemical stability.
The authors wish to acknowledge financial support for this work from the Science Foundation Ireland Strategic Research Cluster FORME (Grant No. 07/SRC/1127) and Barry Brennan acknowledges studentship funding from IRCSET. Access to the ASTRID synchrotron was funded under the EU Integrated Infrastructures Initiative Contract No. 226716.
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