No Access Submitted: 22 August 1983 Accepted: 01 December 1983 Published Online: 04 June 1998
Journal of Applied Physics 56, 1104 (1984);
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  • Microelectronics Research Center, Department of Electrical Engineering, Technion‐Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel
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  • Y. Shacham‐Diamand
  • I. Kidron
The ambipolar drift mobility of holes in n‐type HgCdTe with nominal composition of x=0.215 was determined by the Haynes–Shockley experiment. The measurement was performed using a novel device that includes a special photoconductive sensing structure. The output device samples the excess carriers by sensing the conduction modulation in a narrow region. This method enables the measurement of the moving excess carriers packet without the conventional junction that is used traditionally. This way the difficulty to produce a sensing  pn junction on n‐type HgCdTe is eliminated. The mobility of holes at 77 K was measured to be 570 cm2 V1 s1 and its temperature dependence is given by  μa=ATn where n=2.78±0.1 and A=108 in the 77–87 K temperature range.
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