No Access Submitted: 14 April 2008 Accepted: 01 June 2008 Published Online: 18 July 2008
Appl. Phys. Lett. 93, 023307 (2008);
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  • S. Barrau
  • F. Zhang
  • A. Herland
  • W. Mammo
  • M. R. Andersson
  • O. Inganäs
Amyloid nanowires were incorporated in organic photovoltaic devices in order to enhance the transport properties. Amyloid fibrils act as a template for donor-acceptor materials. The current-voltage characteristics under illumination and in the dark display a maximum for the fill factor and the space charge limit current, respectively, at an amyloid nanowire-donor-acceptor mass ratio of 0.014:1:1, associated to a better charge transport in the donor-acceptor domains. The absorption experiments display a redshift associated to a more planar polymer backbone with increasing concentration of amyloid fibrils. Amyloid nanowires present a significant effect on the donor-acceptor materials organization.
The partial support of the EC-funded project NaPa (Contract no. NMP4-CT-2003-500120) is gratefully acknowledged. Research is also supported by the Science Council (VR), and the Strategic Research Foundation SSF through the Center of Organic Electronics (COE).
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