No Access Submitted: 14 June 2007 Accepted: 11 July 2007 Published Online: 02 August 2007
Appl. Phys. Lett. 91, 051919 (2007);
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  • Ingo Salzmann
  • Steffen Duhm
  • Ricarda Opitz
  • Jürgen P. Rabe
  • Norbert Koch
Thin films of pentacene (P) have been vacuum codeposited on SiO2 with low concentrations of 6,13-pentacenequinone (PQ) in order to investigate the impact on the pentacene thin film structure. Within a range of 2%–20% PQ concentration no intercalation of the compounds can be observed by means of x-ray diffraction and infrared absorption spectroscopy. The crystalline quality of the P films stays unchanged by the presence of PQ, whereas P bulk phase contributions are being suppressed at PQ concentrations 5%, which could be confirmed by means of atomic force microscopy. From the results the authors suggest phase-separated PQ growth as well as PQ nucleation at P grain boundaries.
The authors thank M. Oehzelt (Graz University of Technology, Austria) for fruitful discussions and W. Caliebe (HASYLAB, Hamburg, Germany) for experimental support. This work was supported by the Sfb448 (DFG). One of the authors (R.O.) acknowledges support by the “Berliner Programm zur Förderung der Chancengleichheit für Frauen in Forschung und Lehre,” and another author (N.K.) by the Emmy Noether-Program (DFG).
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