No Access Submitted: 09 February 2006 Accepted: 27 June 2006 Published Online: 15 August 2006
Appl. Phys. Lett. 89, 071501 (2006);
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Silicon single crystal surface modification by the action of nitrogen quasistationary compression plasma flow generated by a magnetoplasma compressor is studied. It has been found that highly oriented silicon periodic cylindrical shape structures are produced during a single pulse surface treatment. The periodical structure formation can be related to the driven capillary waves quenched during fast cooling and resolidification phase of the plasma flow interaction with silicon surface. These waves are induced on the liquid silicon surface due to the compression plasma flow intrinsic oscillations.
The authors are grateful to M. Matić, D. Randjelović, V. Rakić, and I. Videnović for their help in SEM and AFM analyses. This work is financially supported by the Ministry of Science and Environment Protection of the Republic of Serbia under Project No. 141043.
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